Bangalore Is All Set To Host The First Ever ‘Legalize Marijuana’ Meet In India

With countries like Jamaica, the Netherlands, and some parts of the United States of America legalizing cannabis, it’s time India took a step towards re-thinking her decision to keep cannabis illegal.

For the first time in India, Bangalore is all set to host its first conference on legalizing the herb on May 10, organized by the The Great Legalisation Movement, India.

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This conference will be conducted in 4 cities- Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi on consecutive weekends in May. However, the venue for the Bangalore conference hasn’t been decided as of now.


Organized by Viki Vaurora, a 23 year old musician and recording engineer, the motive behind this conference is to educate people about the medicinal advantages of cannabis.

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“It has proven to help people with cancer, diabetes, leukaemia and bipolar disorder. To top it, cannabis is easily available in nature and easily accessible,” he said.

The conference is meant for doctors, media students, and (senior) students.

Our country is not new to Cannabis culture; it finds its roots all the way back to the Vedic ages, where it made itself useful in Ayurveda. Not to mention the ample use of cannabis paste in bhaang, one of the most popular beverages consumed during the festival of Holi.


One of the guests who will be speaking at the conference will be Rick Simpson, the founder of Phoenix Tears, who was the first person to extract concentrated cannabis oil for the purpose of treating cancer. He claims to have used it to cure several people.

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Apart from having medicinal properties, cannabis can be used to make hemp, a fibre that can be used to make clothes, ropes, and even hemp plastic.

“I don’t think the government has the right to tell people what they can consume and what they can’t, especially when they allow companies to openly sell tobacco and alcohol which are proven to be harmful to an individual. Marijuana on the other hand doesn’t have adverse effects and isn’t addictive either,” Vaurora says.

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News Source: Bangalore Mirror

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