Bangalore Is Colder Than Mussoorie & Shimla, Records 23-Degrees In May, Desis React

For those of you who haven’t lived in Bangalore before, here’s one thing you need to know about the city. It has all 4 seasons packed into one day – it’s spring in the morning, summer during the afternoon, autumn during the evening, and winter at night. However, while the rest of the country burns due to the heatwave, Bangalore’s temperatures have dipped.

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Recently, Bangalore recorded temperatures that were below hill stations like Mussoorie and Shimla. A Twitter user, Kinshuk Dudeja, compared the temperatures and posted a screenshot online.

While Shimla and Mussoorie were 25 and 24 degrees Celcius, respectively, in Bangalore it was 23 degrees.

That too in May! Who would have thought?

Apparently, Bangalore is colder than Zurich, Switzerland, at the moment. Several people wished that they could run to Bangalore ASAP!

This city never fails to amaze us!

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