An Autowala In Bandra Apparently Told Chetan Bhagat ‘Abe Hatt Na’ As He Was Blocking His Way

No matter who you are, which company you work for, what business you have built, and how much you earn, autowalas in India don’t give a damn. Especially if you’re in a city like Mumbai, where time is money, autowalas will savagely dismiss you and ask you to move aside if you stand in their way. Even if you are a popular author like Chetan Bhagat.

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A woman named Swetha, who works for Netflix, took to Twitter to share how she spotted Chetan Bhagat riding a Vespa in Bandra. Apparently, the author was blocking the way of the auto she was travelling on. So her auto driver told him, “Abbe hatt an, kon hai be tu?”


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This made several people online, including me, laugh like crazy! While many lauded the autowala’s swag, others claimed that they can put anyone in their place.

This made my day! 😀

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