Indian Businessman Buys A ₹ 60 Crore Number Plate At A Dubai Auction For His Rolls Royce!

Long gone are those days when collecting bottle caps, postcards, stamps, or coins for that matter were a thing of major pride. People participate in auctions these days for Lady Gaga’s hair, Elvis Presley’s stained underwear (yeah, not kidding) and in this case, a unique number plate.

An incredible wealthy Indian Businessman, Balwinder Sahani, participated in an auction in Dubai to buy an exclusive number plate “D5” for 30 million Dirhams (Rs. 60 crores). This is because he is absolutely passionate about owning unique number plates.


Balwinder Sahani, who owns a Dubai-based property management firm was in the auction with 300 other bidders and grabbed the ‘unique’ plate. He says, 

“i have collected 10 number plates so far and I am looking forward to having more. It’s a passion. This number will go to one of my Rolls-Royces.”

The starting bid for this one plate was Rs. 32 crores.


Balwinder owns nine other unique number plates. In the year 2015, he brought the plate “09” for 40 crores. 

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If I ever had this kind of money, all I would do is just dive in, hold it together, never let go of it. 

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On the otherhand, this guy’s move seems fair. It’s better to live rich than to die rich. Isn’t it?

News Source: Hindustan Times

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