Badshah Sends ₹5 Lakh To ‘Boroloker Bitilo’ Lyricist Ratan Kahar After Plagiarism Accusations


You aren’t a Badshah fan if you haven’t heard his latest single ‘Genda Phool’ featuring Jacqueline Fernandez in a never-seen avatar. The Hindi track that includes a few lines from the Bengali folk song ‘Boroloker Bitilo’ along with Badshah’s rap instantly became a hit among music lovers. However, it also garnered a lot of negative attention. People were quick to point out that the Bengali lyrics were originally written by a man named Ratan Kahar in the 70’s. The ‘Bad Boy’ was accused of plagiarism.

However, reverting to the accusations, Badshah had said that he would try to offer Ratan Kahar aid on humanitarian grounds.

And as promised, Badshah has extended his gratitude towards Kahar and transferred Rs 5 lakh rupees in his bank account, reported TOI.

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A TOI report further suggests that the veteran folk artiste will also get recognition for his song.

“I have had a detailed discussion with Badshah about Ratan Kahar. Even though the video has already been released, it will be edited and Kahar’s name will be mentioned as co-lyricist.”

“This will be done in addition to monetary help, Badshah has told me,” said Dipankar Roy from Badshah’s team.

Kahar is reportedly happy to receive it and even thanked the rapper over the phone. He also invited Badshah to meet him in Siuri post the lockdown. After the controversy, the credits for the original lyrics that were earlier attributed to Badshah have been revised.

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Cases of remakes and plagiarism of songs are not new in the Indian music industry. What do you think of Badshah’s gesture towards Kahar? Tell us.

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