Badshah Responds To ‘Genda Phool’ Plagiarism Accusations


Recently, Badshah released his new single Genda Phool and it instantly became a hit. The amalgamation of Badshah’s rap with a few lines from the Bengali folk song ‘Boroloker Bitilo’, with the beautiful Jacqueline Fernandez dancing while draped in a Bengali-style saree appealed to a large audience.

However, many people from the Bengali community were quick to point out that the Bangla folk song ‘Boroloker Bitilo’ is one that was written by a man named Ratan Kahar in the 1970’s. Accusations of plagiarism and minting money off an old man who lives in poverty in a village in West Bengal started to blatantly hit Badshah.











According to India Today, Ratan Kahar opened up about the issue and said:

“I wrote the song ‘Boroloker Bitilo’. The music, the words, everything is mine. Now, if people are dishonest, what can I do? I am extremely poor. Many people have taken my songs, but have not given me credit. They can’t write their own songs. They used my songs as their own. I live in a hut. I write songs of the soil. I don’t have the financial strength to drag them to court.”

However, Badshah recently took to Twitter to address these accusations., reports Hindustan Times. He claimed how nowhere in “copyright societies” is it mentioned that Ratan Kahar is the lyricist of the song.

He added how traditional songs are “open for recreation/reprising/sampling globally”.

He further went on to claim that after receiving so much information from the Bengali community, he has been trying to reach out to him but is unable to do so because of the nation-wide lockdown. However, he will try to do whatever he can to help him on “humanitarian ground”.

You can read his tweet here:

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