Artist Brilliantly Illustrates Badass Women Being Themselves, Just The Way They Are

badass women

There are a lot of social rules and norms laid down for women all over the world. They’re supposed to behave in a certain way, talk softly, walk properly, be loving, caring and devoted to their male counterparts and manage the household all their life. They aren’t allowed to be sexual beings because if you’re too sexual, you’re a slut.

But the mentality is changing, the process is slow, but it is happening.

Cécil Dormeau is a brilliant artist who illustrates badass women being their unapologetic, uninhibited and raw selves. The illustrations are really bold, funny and they will make you scream in agreement.

1. Every once in a while.

2. Women’s Day, you say?

3. All of them still hum some lovely tunes.

4. The constant dilemma.

5. Cats are cute (said Satan).

6. The problems we face…

7. Being our own worst critique.

8. Any stimulation works for the girls.

9. Showering some extra care and attention to the nipples.

10. Because you deserve to be treated like one, girl.

11. (Not) like a virgin.

12. Anywhere else is a license to be fat-shamed.

13. Whoever said women can’t get along without jealousy.

14. Best advice ever.


16. Unapologetic AF.

17. “Women don’t sit like that.” “Try me.”

18. Sweat is just fat crying.

19. So what?

20. All day, every day.

21. You’re beautiful, just the way you are.

22. Nope, we have a choice. And so do you.

23. Sometimes we don’t shy away from asking strangers (fellow women) about this too.

24. Everything boils down to one thing:

25. At the end of the day, never forget that you’re a QUEEN.

At one point or another, we’ve all been there, done that, seen that or heard that. If not all of it, then most of it. You know what that tells us? It says we’re all just the same people, plagued with same strength, insecurities, choices and power. And that is what makes us women so badass.

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