5 Common Bad Decisions In Life That All Of Us End Up Making

We’ve all made at least a few decisions that we’ve gone on to regret. From simple things like drinking that extra shot of vodka on a Friday night to bigger things like getting back with a terrible ex, we’ve all had misgivings. Moreover, we often think we’re the only ones foolish enough to make such ill-advised decisions. However, trust me, we’re not a minority.

Here are 5 of the most common decisions we end up making which we go on to regret later:

1. Not expressing your feelings towards your crush for fear of rejection

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You watch her falling into the arms of another and think back to what could have been.


2. Pouring your heart out to someone in a moment of weakness

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You hope to God the next day that things aren’t awkward between you two.


3. Drinking that 21st shot of vodka at the club.

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You wake up with a terrible headache and lie to yourself saying, “Never again.”


4. Binge watching an entire TV series on a weeknight.

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You know you’ve got work the next day, but ending on a cliffhanger just doesn’t allow for sound sleep, does it?


5. Keeping a Python as a pet

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