#BadAmbassadorIdeas Is Trending And Twitter Came Up With Some Funny Yet Badass Suggestions

It is no secret that Salman Khan was appointed as the goodwill ambassador of the Indian contingent for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. And of course, the news didn’t go down well with almost everyone. Social media went on a rampage, prosecuting Bhai all over the place.

Twitter also started trending with its fair share of the usual humour against social developments. #BadAmbassadorIdeas started trending, and the Twitterati did not hold back on the burns.

We give you the best.

1. Old controversies were just waiting to be dug up.


2. The burn is savage wih this one.


3. This is just… unnaturally hilarious.


4. True true. 10/10 would agree.



5. When the hashtag was used perfectly.



6. Mankind’s Angel deserves a mention, of course.


7. When Bhai could take on another ambassadorial role.


8. Because, why not drag everyone into it, right?



9. No one will be spared.


10. ABsolutely no one.


11. Well… Makes sense.



12. Spoiler: Prithviraj Chauhan is not the President of India.


13. Theek hai?


14. This is just evil!


15. #FriendshipGoals gone horribly wrong.


16. Shocking!


17. Swipe right with one thumb, swipe left with the other.


18. Paa Na Maane!


19. Can you hear an aeroplane take off in the distance?


20. Still better than Katrina ‘no-hair’ Kaif!


21. More like… Rupaman!


22. No. Okay? Just NO!



23. Chaar pyaale madira?


24. This makes me very uncomfortable.



25. And this just had to be done.

Hope all of you have brought enough ice and cold water! 😛

Can you think of more #BadAmbassadorIdeas?
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