Kid Singing ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’ Goes Viral, Desis Recreate The Reel With Their Own Tadka

There are often times when you have one song stuck in your head. Most times it’s a bizarre melody with the silliest lyrics imaginable. Well, this is exactly what’s happening to people who stumbled upon an Instagram reel of a little kid at school singing “Bachpan Ka Pyaar”.

His straight faced rendition of the tune had us playing the video on loop. Have a look-


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Just as we did, the boy’s teachers present in the background begin to chuckle as he concludes the song. It would be safe to say that the little guy has won our hearts with his adorable melody. In fact, the reel went so viral that people began using the audio to pay tribute to their own ‘bachpan ka pyaar’ in hilarious ways. Have a look-


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Then there were those who shared jokes and memes in support of the young fella.

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For the uninitiated, the original song is called “Bachpan Ka Pyaar Jaanu Bhool Mat Jaana.” It was released in 2018 on YouTube, however, the little boy’s rendition of it has earned it most of its popularity. You can listen to the original song here.

Have you been playing his reel on loop too? Tell us!

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