Newborn Baby Rolls Off A Bench And Dies After Hospital Refused To Admit The Mother In Labour

Not so long ago, we witnessed the utter negligence of hospital staff and authorities which caused hundreds of children to succumb to death. It seems like the medical field is transforming into an example of apathy for helpless victims.

In a heart-wrenching incident, a woman was forced to deliver on a bench when a government hospital refused to admit her. According to a Times Now report, the incident took place in Khamman district of Telangana on Sunday.

Ms P. Nagamani was eight months pregnant and was rushed to the hospital after complaints of severe labour pain. The hospital, however, refused to admit her on the grounds that there was still a month left for her delivery date.

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The woman was in excruciating pain and was laid on the bench to rest, she delivered her baby boy right there on the bench. The doctors refused to attend to her even after constant pleading from the parents and relatives.


The baby, after just a few minutes, rolled off the bench and fell on the floor. He sustained grave injuries and died almost instantly. The mother said,

“We were not given a bed and we stayed outside (in hospital premises).” 


The husband of the woman has alleged that the hospital refused to allot them a bed even after the death of the baby and no nursing staff was willing to assist them.

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The baby was taken to the Intensive Care Unit where he was declared dead. The nurses are claiming that the baby died due to premature birth and not from the impact of the fall.


The Hospital Superintendent Madan Singh spoke to NDTV and refuted all charges and said that,

“There is nothing wrong on part of the doctors at the hospital. When she got admitted, the doctors already explained about the risk factor and complications even before the delivery and they accepted to go ahead.

It was a still-born baby and died due to risk factors.”

The apathy of hospitals and doctors which have surfaced is shameful. Doctors are supposed to uphold the oath they take to protect the patient but this kind of negligence brings a bad name to the whole field.