Migrant Couple Names Baby Boy Sonu Sood To Thank The Actor For Getting Them Home

We’re all aware of how actor Sonu Sood and restauranteur Neeti Goel are helping migrant workers travel to their hometowns through their “Ghar Bhejo” initiative. On May 27, to manage the sheer number of tweets and texts they were receiving, they opened a call centre with a toll-free number and a dedicated team to make sure they can assist as many people as they can.

Earlier, chef Vikas Khanna named a dish after Sonu Sood’s hometown Moga to appreciate his generosity and now a couple from Bihar has named their baby after the actor.

The Times of India quoted him saying,

“One of the groups that I sent to Darbhanga on May 12 had two pregnant ladies in it. The group has reached home and this lady had her baby yesterday; The family called me to say that she has named her son Sonu Sood. I said, how can it be Sonu Sood as you are Shrivastav. It could probably be Sonu Shrivastav, but she said, ‘Nahi humney bachche ka naam Sonu Sood Shrivastav rakha hai’. That was so sweet; I was touched.”

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Thank you Sonu Sood, for being such an inspiration to us all.

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