Twitter Reacts To Pictures Of An Orphan Girl Eagerly Waiting To Meet Her Adoptive Parents

Adoption, a word that is still spoken about behind closed doors in India is no more a taboo across the world. Hundreds of babies are abandoned regularly and are left to face the world alone for no fault of theirs. However, many of these kids are dropped off at adoption centres that try to find them their permanent family in the form of adoptive parents. Remember how people queued up earlier to adopt baby girl ‘India’?

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Adoption and child-care entres like the ‘Door of Hope’ in Johannesburg become a saving grace for these orphans. These centres try to give the abandoned children new hope with their forever families. The ‘Door of Hope’ has been uniting orphans with new families from quite a long time but their recent post about a baby girl waiting for her adoptive parents will make your heart melt.

The organisation recently tweeted a picture of an adopted baby girl eagerly waiting for her adoptive parents, revealed sources.

The excited orphan is seen staring out a window, her young eyes seemingly searching for her parents.

The adorable picture spoke to many on social media and people felt emotional on seeing the baby waiting to be united with her parents.

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This reminds me of people like Sushmita Sen and Sunny Leone who have given orphans a new lease on life. Earlier this year, a journalist couple also adopted a newborn girl abandoned in Rajsthan. Probably adoption is the second chance for a child as well as the parents to have a family, isn’t it?

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