Rajasthan Family Joyfully Brings Home 1st Girl Born In 35 Years Via ₹4.5 Lakh Helicopter Ride

On March 3, a couple from Nimbdi Chandawata in Nagaur district, Rajasthan, was blessed with a baby girl. The parents, Hanuman Prajapat and Chuki Devi, named her Riya. She is the first daughter born in their family in 35 years.

Which is why, 2 months after her birth, when she was to travel from her maternal grandparents’ home in Harsolav village to her own, her family decided to cover the 30 km distance using a 20-minute helicopter ride. According to The Indian Express, the ride cost them Rs. 4.5 lakh.

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In addition to this, the grand welcome in the village also included a band playing music and villagers joyously singing bhajans while showering flower petals on both the mother and the baby.

Zee News quoted the baby’s grandfather Madanlal Prajapat saying,

“But I believe that daughters are far better than sons. I had already decided 10 years ago that when the daughter is born at my home, she will be given a grand welcome and she will be brought by helicopter. My family has started this practice and I hope that now other people of the village and society will also take inspiration and celebrate the birth of their daughters.”

The New Indian Express quoted the baby’s father adding,

“By bringing my two-month-old daughter in a helicopter, we want to tell everyone that the birth of a daughter is an occasion that should be celebrated like a festival. Instead of feeling sad, we should all be happy when a daughter is born.”

“It is usually seen that people do not celebrate the birth of a girl. There should be no discrimination between a girl and a boy. I will make my daughter study and fulfill all her dreams.”

Do you think that the celebration will change attitudes towards the birth of the girl child in the village? Tell us.

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