This Baby Looks More Like Ed Sheeran Than The Singer Himself And Twitter Is Going Bonkers!

Ed Sheeran has delivered some of the most mesmerising hits over the past few years. In fact, 9 out of the top 10 songs in March’s UK top 40 are from Ed Sheeran’s latest album ‘Γ·’. So it’s safe to say, the guy has a massive fan following with thousands of fans more than happy to have Ed’s babies.

We can’t confirm if that’s what happened here but this baby’s picture looks eerily similar to Ed Sheeran. Take a look for yourself, the resemblance is striking.

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As expected, Twitter went crazy over how much this baby actually looks like the singer. Here are some of the best reactions:

1. She seems excited.


2. WHAT?!


3. Brilliant idea!


4. Let’s not jump to conclusions here.


5. I don’t know why it’s SOOO funny, but hey, to each his own.


6. Somebody’s asking the important questions.


7. Dads, hide your baby daughters!


8. Could it be? Hmmmmm

Twitter is certainly tripping on the striking resemblance of this baby to the singing sensation. We wonder what Sheeran himself has to say about this.

Source: Twitter