The Internet Welcomes Their “New King” As Pics Of Baby Emperor Goes Viral

The world might have left despotism behind but have you ever caught yourself wondering what would it be like to live under the rule of a monarch? Well I do, especially when most of us are living in a world (inside our heads) of ice and fire where people are fighting for the Iron Throne!

But if given a chance I would surrender myself and swear fealty to a king, especially if its this little guy!

Meet Eliot Noah Ye, the new sensation whom the internet has already hailed as their rightful king!

Recently, user Lorraine Ye took on Twitter to post pictures of her nephew Elliot wearing a  traditional blue hanbok and surrounded by a bounty of food.

“This is called a Baek-il! A Korean tradition to celebrate the first successful 100 days of life! Back in the olden days, it was very easy for children to fall sick and pass away prior to the 100th day,” she wrote.

According to sources, families observing the milestone traditionally worship Samshin, the triple goddess of childbirth and fate in Korean mythology.

Sitting on his throne (which appears to be a potty training seat!), Eliot is sitting with all his might and glory while others are willing to bend the knee!

It wasn’t long until Netizens received word of their new king and they came forward to swear their allegiance, not to forget an avalanche of memes that followed!

None of us are worthy, Mona.

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This. Is. Gold!

Wasn’t too long before he became an art-spiration!

Under the wise rule of Emperor Eliot, may we have colourful macarons for breakfast and discuss the state of affairs sitting on potty seats.

Long live the king!

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