Mother Shares Adorable Video Of Baby Kicking, Sitting & Sleeping On Her Face During Bedtime

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you how challenging it is to raise and take care of a baby. And many parents go through hilarious and bizarre scenarios when it comes to their little ones. For instance, how a dad taped a tablet to his face with his wife’s picture on it to feed their wailing baby.

Sumala Chuencharoenwong from Texas, USA shares several videos of her 15-month-old son on her Instagram profile. Among these are a series of night surveillance recordings when the mom, dad, and baby settle into the bed together at night. The baby boy doesn’t stop tossing and turning in bed, and even sits and moves on top of his mother incessantly, Times Now reports. Check it out:

As the father lays undisturbed on his side of the bed, Sumala shows exemplary patience as she tries to calm her baby who refuses to sit still all night. Here are some of the reactions people had:

In another similar time-lapse video, the baby seems to have playtime with his mother as he dozes off on her face.

And then comes another video captioned, ‘RIP my Hair’.

And people found it precious anyway!

Sleeping with a baby can definitely be a challenge, no doubt about it! Have you ever faced a similar situation? Tell us in the comments.

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