Singer-Minister Babul Supriyo Normalises Chandigarh Stalking, Reduces It To A ‘Mischief’


India has found herself in a fiery milieu again. And it concerns the same issue that you and I have been fighting for a long time now- women safety. While debates/discussions are still on, the grim reality, unfortunately, can no longer afford to be just living-room talks.

If you ask why, you have certainly slept through the mass rage that has me saying these things. The angst that was rightly expressed when big political names shamed Chandigarh victim, Varnika Kundu, after she was chased and stalked by Vikas Barala (son of Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala) and his accomplice, Ashish Kumar.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.



Now, Bollywood singer and Union Minister of State, Babul Supriyo has jumped the wagon and penned a Twitter thread that not only normalises stalking but ridicules the voice of the nation which is fighting for Varnika. 

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He took to Twitter and wrote,

1. I’m sorry. WHAT?



2. ‘Mischief.’ Cause that’s what it was!


3. He even hailed the system high.


4. The best gimmick in the book!


5. A Self-proclaimed win!


Needless to say, journalists did not spare the moment and took the minister down for his callous words. One of them, Karnika Kohli, even asked exactly what a sane person would have. 


To which, pat came the replies. 


But just when we thought it was over, Babul did the unthinkable. He traced the journalist and questioned her credentials on the basis of this. 

Yes, ‘Soft target’. You read that right.


The spat furthered and turned ugly in no time. 

Hold on, isn’t he a Neta’s son, now?


Oh, it is far from over. The minister then tried to dismiss the claims with the most absurd reason.


Just FYI, this isn’t the only thread that echoed such sentiments; there were several. Another, for instance, is this. 

This is not how a minister is supposed to oppress voices that have unified after a lot of efforts. Voices that are not afraid to speak about the misogyny and power-play of politics. But the question remains- HOW LONG?

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