People Can’t Wrap Their Heads Around This ‘Babaji’ Openly Groping A Woman

Call ‘em Swami, Guru-ji or Baba, the key eligibility criterion for Godmen remains that they must be devoid of all vices and perversions. However, Dhongi Babaji’ exist a dime a dozen and they continue to achieve the zenith of immorality and prurience. Watch the short video a concerned citizen tweeted of a vile Baba openly molesting a bhakt.

The Babaji appears to be accepting a strange kind of namaskar from his unsuspecting bhakt. At a glance this namaskar looks like something a lot more dubious. He later massages or rubs her buttocks.

The woman who posted the clip didn’t know the lecher’s identity. But, Twitterati decided to christen this unnamed Baba in the most hilarious ways!

Some called him ‘Massagananda Swami..’

While some went with the more fitting ‘Asshole Buttacharya!’

Perhaps, Rub-ananda?

This gal hit the nail on the head!

So did he!

There were some hilarious reactions of people who couldn’t un-see what they had seen!

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Most tweets were ridden with sexual innuendos.

Some exceptionally gross.

Yet, others exhibited concern about the lewdness.

Then some were even irked at the bhakt for her naivety.

Here’s another instance of shocking assault and abuse. This occured in Bihar’s Arariya district. Locals in Madhulata village revere this Baba who considers himself a lactation consultant.

However, it is not merely quaint hamlets that are prone to believing in blasphemous Godmen. Brazil-born Sri Prem Baba is of Indian descent and is a master teacher in the Sachcha spiritual lineage of northern India. Read of his profanities in São Paulo here. In fact, not even our capital is free of dhongi babas such as Ashu Maharaj who prey on gullible souls to further their own lechery.

So folks, Omnipotent Superheroes or Depraved Molesters? You decide!

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