This Indian Rapper’s Hilarious Response To Angry Tweets Is Taking Twitter By Storm!

One of the growing problems which we face in the age of social media is how quickly people get angry or offended. Twitter has become one giant bag filled with angry tweets making it seem like people can go on an angry rant at the drop of a hat! However, a particular Indian rapper came up with a unique way to counter angry tweets!

Indian rapper Baba Sehgal recently went on a Twitter spree and gave hilarious rap replies to angry tweets posted by celebs and other Twitterati!

Baba Sehgal, who is considered to be the world’s first ever Hindi rapper, never fails to amaze fans with his quirky rap songs, which are so funny that is hurts! And he seems to have put the same spirit in his replies! Take a look:

1. When Neha Dhupia lost her cool on the food delivery guys taking forever long to deliver her order.

Remember the saying sabr ka phal meetha hota hai? That’s exactly what Baba reminded her, but with a quirky rap of course!

2. When this guy probably came across an annoying fellow driver on the road.

But before he could go full ‘Hulk’ and smash everything, Baba gave an amazing funda! After all, who are we to judge?

3. And when this dude was tired of standing in front of the ATM for way too long.

Baba was quick to remind him how there’s no point getting heated up for a machine. It’s too hot anyway!

However, through his replies, Baba Sehgal is actually putting across a very important message. Baba, along with Tata Salt Lite, are encouraging angry twitterati to #TakeItLite on the occasion of World Hypertension Day, by highlighting how getting angry frequently on little things could be a sign of high blood pressure/hypertension.

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So if you’re someone who snaps back at small things, you might want to keep your BP in check. And here are the most effective ways to do it:

1. Exercise regularly: This doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily hit the gym and squat till your legs feel like jelly! Pick up an activity which you can enjoy – running, walking, swimming, dancing, or playing any sport that you love. The main idea is to get some movement and keep that body weight in check.

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2. Meditate: Even 15 minutes every other day is a good start! Meditation helps in reducing stress and lets you begin the day with a sense of calmness and helps you keep negative thoughts at bay.

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3. Lower sodium intake: Excess sodium in one’s diet is one of the causes of hypertension. A balanced diet coupled with a low sodium salt can help control hypertension.

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Tata Salt Lite is a 15% low sodium salt and it is specially designed to provide consumers a convenient means to take preventive measures towards keeping the blood pressure in check. The #TakeItLite campaign is a creative attempt by Tata Salt to engage and educate the consumers.

So, if you’re the one to do choti choti baaton pe gussa, it’s time to #TakeItLite!