Married At 5 To Success At 80, Baba Ka Dhaba’s Elderly Couple Share Their Hopeful Journey

Two days back, when a heartbreaking video of a struggling 80-year-old couple in Delhi went viral and people rushed to their aid within hours and swarmed their eatery, I became sure that all was not bad with the world. There are plenty of good people willing to help others in their times of need. All you need to do is just ask.

Yes, I’m talking about Baba Ka Dhaba’s elderly couple, whose story made headlines and gave many others a ray of hope! Recently, the couple, Kanta Prasad and Badami Devi, opened up about their journey, reports News18.

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The two were married off when Kanta Prasad was just 5-years-old and Badami Devi was 3-years-old in Uttar Pradesh. The couple moved to Delhi when Kanta was 21. At first, he started working as a fruit seller and later moved to a food business.

The two have been running ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ since 1988 but for years, his business has been slow. With barely a few customers visiting their stall every day, the couple have been seeing tough times on end. However, that one viral video worked wonders for them!

“For years, the work was slow. I ran it for 30 years making ends meet. But yesterday when I sat at my stall, I saw queues of people from NGOs, actors, people who just came to meet me. It was so overwhelming. I used to dream this when I was 21,” said Kanta Prasad.

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Baba ka Dhaba has been listed on a food-delivery app and has been receiving bulk orders. He plans to hire someone who would take care of the online orders.

Talking about how God listens to everyone, he adds, “Not now, but maybe at 30, 40,50 or even at my age-80. But one day whatever you had wished for, with honesty would come to life making you dream further.”

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Finally, he went on to say something adorable! Talking about how he wished to live longer with his wife by his side, he said:

“She learnt quickly how to pose for the camera, I took some time! But now we want to go to the shop, have someone work for us like the rich people do & I will take her out for a ‘chai’ like our younger days! This seems just the beginning.”

This goes on to show how tough times might last long, but they don’t last forever. Be hopeful for better times, because they will arrive!

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