4 AM Shows, ₹ 4000 For A Ticket And 3 Km Long Lines On Counters. Baahubali Craze Is Here!

The craze of ‘Baahubali 2’ is on. Quite literally so. And this craze is giving tough competition to the Salman Khan and Rajinikanth fanatics.

48 hours to go for its release and people are queuing up for the movie tickets like they queue up for a darshan at the Tirupati temple. If you think we are exaggerating, some lines outside theatres are 3 kilometres long!

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And obviously, there aren’t thousands of tickets to give away, so 99% of the people are leaving the lines in a very bad mood.


To add fuel to this craze, theatres are even adding a 4 AM show to please the hungry audiences! And the want for tickets is so high that some people are buying them for 4000 rupees in the black market!

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The hype is so damn high that the state government had to come up with a new ticketing policy for the movie so that people have a fair chance of getting tickets.

Even single-screen theatres are jacking up the prices three-fold, just like the multiplexes.


To witness the craze have a look at the video below. Keep in mind that the video was taken at 7 AM early in the morning!

This kind of behaviour even shadows the antics ‘Kabaali’ received.

People can just chill and wait for the subsequent weeks to see the movie. This kind of frenzy will only fuel the illegal activities in the black market!

Source – Times Of India, Deccan Chronicle

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