Brutally Harassed Online For Not Wearing A Burqa, This Kerala Girl Stood Up To Her Bullies

22-year-old Azniya Ashmin is the typical college girl. She is active socially, has male friends, loves to dress up and loves to dance.

This in itself is not something that should bother anyone. She is not going out of her way to talk about feminism or wearing ‘small clothes’ either.

Turns out, just being a free-spirited woman minding your own business can get you into trouble in Kerala.

Azniya Ashmin has been facing severe cyber bullying by Islamic fundamentalists on social media. They are circulating posts about her, criticising her habit of wearing a bindi and dancing at cultural activities in college.

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The interesting thing is that she does not even reside in Kerala anymore. She studies in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The Islamic activist bodies like IUML and MSF, who are bullying her online, actually reside in the village of Nadapuram, Kerala.


And if you thought this was ridiculous, she had to go back to Kerala from Karnataka to lodge a police complaint so that some action can be taken against these bigots.

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Her problem has been going on for some years now. At first, it was because she had put on a bindi, and then it was because of her male friends and then for having Hindu friends.


They even started circulating her photo on Whatsapp and even created fake FB profiles of her name. When she lashed back at them, they got angry and started speaking how she should not be allowed to study.

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What escapes our logic is who are they to decide what she does with her time, and that too in another state altogether!

She lodged a police complaint against her abusers with the Cyber Crime cell in Nadapuram, but the process will take some time to resolve.

The people who are abusing her are the ones who are throwing India’s reputation in the muck by acting like regressive cavemen. Kudos to her for being brave and taking the bullies head on and staying strong.

More power to you.

News Source – The News Minute

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