2.5 Ft. Tall Man Who Appealed To UP Cops To Find A Wife For Him Finally Gets Engaged

They say, “jodi uparwala banata hai.” While most of us would just roll our eyes on this Hindi saying, those couples who experienced kismet play cupid for them would swear by this.

For UP’s Azeem Mansuri, social media had an equal part to play along with fate. Azeem, who was once heartbroken for not having a life partner is today happily engaged with his future wife.

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The 2.5ft tall man from Kairana in the Shamli district was done looking for a suitable wife for himself, hence, he decided to take the help of UP police to find him a bride.

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A while back, the 26-year-old had appealed to the female cops of Uttar Pradesh to do ‘public service’ and help him find a wife, reported the Times Of India. What five years of searching couldn’t do, social media did it in weeks. Mansuri was soon flooded with several marriage proposals. And after meeting and shortlisting women of similar height, the cometic store owner finally put a ring on it.

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According to News18, Azeem went to Hapur in UP to finalize a proposal from a woman named Bushra. The couple then exchanged rings while their families gave their blessings to them by giving ‘shagun’ to the duo. As reported by Zee, Bushara is a first-year B.Com student. The betrothed couple will get married after she completes her graduation.

This is, in its true sense, a match made in heaven. All you single peeps don’t lose heart, there’s someone for everyone.

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