Ayurveda ‘Doctor’ Questions Why Girls Wear Short Skirts To School, His Misogyny Gets Slammed

Even in today’s world, only women are subjected to moral policing because some men still dwell in yesteryear thinking they can dictate to a full-grown adult how she should lead her life.

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Here’s an Ayurveda ‘Doctor’ named Dr. Ranjeet Sharma who is more concerned about the lengths of the skirts of schoolgirls rather than the rising number of creeps in the country.

Taking to Twitter, the doctor shared a picture of school girls wearing skirts and wrote:

“Just a curiosity. Please don’t mind. What is the point of wearing such short dresses in school? Do girls become more intelligent by wearing short dresses?”

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The fact that the man was concerned about the lengths of the skirts of school-going girls irked many online. Hence, some people decided to school him for his tone-deaf tweet:

After he was criticized left, right and center, he came up with an explanation saying that it was from the heart of a ‘worried and irritated father’.

In his lengthy response tweet thread, Sharma puts it on the police, the government for not protecting the integrity and sanity of women.

He adds that when women are molested in public, no one comes to stand against the molesters.

Comparing molesters with mosquitoes, he goes on to write that we need to cover our entire bodies with clothes if we don’t want to get dengue.

Also, according to him, short clothes are often seen as your unspoken consent to criminal-minded people.

My dear ‘worried father’, how about teaching your daughter self-defense and other techniques to safeguard herself from creeps around her? How about raising real men and not perverts who make the lives of women difficult with their stares and glares?

How about using repellents to kill the poisonous ‘mosquitoes’ rather than suggesting your girl to stay in a closed box and suffocate herself every day?

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