10 April Fools’ Day Pranks That Will Make You Feel Like Satan

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April fool’s day is so much fun. Either you play pranks or people play pranks on you. People are constantly on their alert mode and make every move with extra care. It is difficult to believe anyone on this day and ironically some of the best pranks come from the least expected people. This April fools day take out your evil hat and make a fool out of everyone you come across.

Check out these 10 cool ways you can prank people this April fools day.

1. Give your friends mentos ice cubes when they ask for soda and ice

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That will be one helluva epic blast.


2. Cover the remote sensor with a piece of transparent tape

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Every time your mom tries to switch channels to watch saas-bahu serials, you know what will happen?


3. Write your co-worker’s name on an underwear and leave them in the office toilet

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*Embarrassment* *Embarrassment*


4. Change the name of a group of people by the same name in your friend’s phone

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Don’t forget to put the same ringtone for all the contacts. They will hate you for this, but never forget you.


5. Make an invisible folder on your friend’s or sibling’s laptop and put all the folders on their desktop in that folder

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Where are the folders gone? They disappeared. *Boom*


6. Put edible color in your sibling’s toothbrush and spoil their pearly white smile

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Don’t forget to match the edible color with the bristle of their toothbrush.


7. Save your name as “Mom” in your friend’s phone and text them all day asking about their whereabouts

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Mom! Stop it already!


8. Tell your family you’re pregnant. Doing this to your boyfriend is pretty old, it’s time to scare your parents with this prank

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Be prepared for some serious trouble, but it’ll be worth it. 😉


9. Put a toy snake in your office commode and scare the hell out of your colleagues

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Bet they will check the pot 10 times before using it for an entire year.


10. Ask your boss for an appraisal, if they say no then laugh it off and say, ‘April Fool’

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If they give it to you for real then enjoy! *Laughs an evil’s laugh and calls the boss a fool*

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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