This One Take Rendition Of ‘Awaara Bhavre’ Will Make You Super Nostalgic!

Do you guys remember growing up to the 90s hit track ‘Awaara Bhavre’ from ‘Sapnay’? Of course, you would. And, didn’t you go all ‘hilkore, hilkore’, too? *nods head*

Taking us back to the 90s are the people at Muzik House. They’ve shot a video in one take, that is the cover of the popular track. They’ve also spiced it up by adding Bengali folk lyrics to it. Sung beautifully, the re-created track is really refreshing to our ears and the ladies really make it even cooler with their impromptu gig.

It sure does makes us miss the good ol’ 90s. But for sometime we are transported to the era. Watch now!

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