“Being Fair Won’t Make You Beautiful”: Avika Gor On Refusing To Endorse Fairness Creams

Avika Gor who appeared as a child actor on the show ‘Balika Vadhu’ has now opened up on not endorsing fairness products. The 23-year-old said that her refusal was a conscious decision to not ‘degrade’ anyone as she doesn’t believe being fair makes one ‘confident and beautiful’.

As per a report in HT, she talked about how fairness products promote an ‘unrealistic approach’ towards the concept of beauty. She stated, “Unfortunately we have been fed the wrong notion when it comes to the idea of an ideal beauty standard. Over the years we have seen so many advertisements where being fair is considered to be beautiful and I have never been comfortable with this idea. Being fair cannot be equivalent to your overall personality. Another reason why I refused to endorse these products is that I know that this kind of unrealistic approach towards the concept of beauty can have a lasting impression on young minds.”

“As an actor, it was a conscious decision to not degrade anyone but to send out the right message. Being fair won’t make you confident and beautiful, but it’s your work ethics, your thinking, talent, and overall personality that matters the most as these will be your defining qualities.”

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“Beauty for me is all about being happy and comfortable in your skin. There was a time when I was doing great on the work front but I still doubted my talents and felt ugly. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. But the day I shifted my perspective, started taking care of my body, loving myself, eating right, and staying happy, that’s when the change happened. It also helped me a lot in my weight loss journey,” she concluded.

Kudos Avika for bashing the stereotypical beliefs of beauty being linked to a particular skin tone.

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