‘My Son Is That Child Who People Fail To Notice’ Mom Of An ‘Average Child’ Pens Important Note

Our society rewards excellence and ignores the average. Kids, from a very young age, are taught to excel in things. If you like Maths, excel in it. If you like dancing, learn a style and excel in it. If you have a nice voice, practice singing till your throat hurts. Nobody is happy to see a kid who is average in studies and extra-curriculars. Everyone wants a star.

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However, a woman named Sumathi took to Twitter to share a hard-hitting thread about being a mother to an “average child”. She says that her son is an average learner, average in studies, sports and other extra-curricular activities. There is nothing special about him, and that is OKAY.

Whenever someone asks, she doesn’t lie that her child excels in a particular field.  But she feels sorry that because her child is somewhere in the middle, not too good and not too bad, his identity gets somewhat lost.

Just because he is “average”, people don’t notice his personality, kindness, humour and helpfulness.

He doesn’t play sports or love music to excel in it or compete. He just loves it.

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Sumathi has been strict with him and lost her cool many times but one day her son asked her, “Do you respect me?”

We often fail to realise that kids also need to be treated with respect, don’t we?

So she urges people to notice the average kids and not just dismiss them. All they want is to be treated with kindness and get the assurance that things will eventually work out for them.

Do you agree with her?

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