Kangana Ranaut Says ‘The Avengers’ Is Inspired By Mahabharat, Compares Thor To Hanuman

By now, you must have gotten used to Kangana Ranaut giving news-breaking statements. Earlier she said nepotism in Bollywood was never her problem. Then she revealed the ‘Kala Sach’ of the industry.


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Well, now she is saying that the superhero movies like the Avengers franchise from the West are inspired by Mahabharat and Indian Vedas.

The actor also compared Thor with Indian God Hanuman and his hammer Mjolnir to his gada.

When asked if given a chance to portray the role of a superhero in a movie, which approach would she choose, Indian or Hollywood style, she said, “I would definitely adopt the Indian approach,” Hindustan Times quoted her saying.

“I feel the West borrows from our mythology a lot. When I look at their superheroes like Iron Man, I feel his armour can be related to Karna’s armour from Mahabharata. Thor wielding the hammer can be compared to Hanumanji and his gada (mace). I felt that The Avengers was also inspired by the Mahabharata.”


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The ‘Dhaakad’ actor also said that the superhero stories in the West are hugely inspired by our Vedas.

“Their visual perspective is different, but the origins of these superhero stories are hugely inspired by our Vedas. They acknowledge this fact, too. Likewise, I would also want to do something original and why be limited to a via inspiration from the West.”

I think the 90s superheroes like Nagraj and Shaktimaan are the OG deal. But do you second Kangana’s thoughts? Let us know.

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