Avengers: Infinity War Ended In Grief But Twitter Won’t Let It Pass Without A Laughter Fix

Considering the 18 previous movies it had to blend together, ‘Avengers Infinity War’ had to be the most electrifying Marvel Cinematic Universe film ever made. And boy, it did live up to the towering expectations of the audience and how! Grabbing a whopping $640 million in the global box office in its first weekend, the film has effortlessly crushed the collection of the previous record holder – Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Need we say more?

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However, one specific section of the movie has left the fans a bit disappointed. Yes, we are talking about the ending. While people expected a few twists and turns right at the end, the ending saw Thanos completing his mission leading to the death of many of our favorite heroes.

With Spider-Man’s death hurting the fans the most, they have now found a way to spin their sadness into a trend. And what better way to do it than memes?

Here are the best ones:

When Cena proposed Nikki

Neither do we…

Saw this one coming!


The Spongebob reference

Ouch! That must have hurt


The most painful one…

Pretty sure you forgot about this one!

Memes don’t spare Zombies

No matter how sad the situation is, the Tweeple always have a way out. Good job guys!