‘Avengers 4’ Fan Trailer Is So Cool, You’ll Pray It Comes True

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been criticised for being too light-hearted and devoid of consequences. But when Thanos began pummeling through our heroes in ‘Infinity War‘, there was pin-drop silence. People’s jaws dropped to the floor as T’Challa and Spider-Man turned to dust, Tony got stabbed and Cap got sucker-punched. That’s why now fans are clamouring to reverse the effect of the snap. So, how are we going to do that?

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However, since we’ve to wait nearly a year for ‘Avengers 4’, a fan trailer has imagined how the final confrontation would like, and more.

A YouTube channel by the name of Bigoso Animations has made an animated trailer that predicts the events of ‘Avengers 4’ and it has all our favourite heroes going against the Mad Titan, Thanos.

The trailer begins 7 years after the events of Infinity War with Tony Stark time-traveling to 2018 to help Spider-Man. There we get a glimpse of Mysterio, which is apparently being played by Jake Gyllenhaal. And it also re-unites Tony and Steve Rogers for the first time after ‘Captain America: Civil War’.

The fan-trailer not only revives all those heroes who were killed by the snap, but also brings in the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and the Defenders (from the Netflix shows). And to top it all off, it shows how much it might need to actually finish Thanos once and for all.

Too preposterous to believe? Well, take a look for yourself:

Marvel and Fox are currently in the middle of making a deal to bring over the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. So, before that happens in the movies, this is a great way to imagine what the line-up would look like. And it’s also great to see them giving credit to the Defenders because they’re Marvel’s unsung heroes.

The art style by Bigoso Animations is very reminiscent of DC’s animated movies. But since the heroes look so damn good, I bet nobody will mind that. Instead, Marvel fans will probably be thanking the creators of this video for rekindling the hope that was crumbled by the emotional freight train that was ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.