NASA Responds To Tony Stark’s Distress Call From ‘Avengers: Endgame’, Marvel Fans Rejoice

The trailer for ‘Avengers: Endgame‘ has sent Marvel fans into a downward emotional spiral as it shows their heroes suffering from the events of ‘Infinity War‘. Captain America fans are mourning the death of his Nomad beard. And Iron Man fans are pleading to the MCU to give Tony Stark a break.

Now, while there’s no solace for fans of Steve Rogers, there are a number of options for rescuing Tony Stark. One is obviously Captain Marvel picking him up from outer space. Option number two is Pepper Potts receiving his message and coming to retrieve him. And now there’s an option number 3!

While Marvel fans were expecting Captain Marvel or Pepper Potts to respond to Tony Stark’s message, an unlikely saviour has emerged in the form of NASA.

So, while some of us (including me) cry over the probability that Tony Stark will die in space without food and water, NASA has come up with solutions to bring him back. And if the Avengers have any intention of rescuing him, they should listen to them because they’re people with actual experience in searching for lost properties in space.

Marvel fans were over-the-moon as real meet reel for the sake of Tony Stark’s survival and thanked them whole-heartedly.

Now, going by this interaction, please don’t be under the impression that Marvel fans are naive enough to think that Robert Downey Jr. is lost in space and they believe that NASA’s going to help him. Because we all know that NASA’s inter-galactic technology isn’t equipped to reach whatever galaxy Titan is in. But the gesture is laudable.

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