‘Must Be A Gamer’ Autorickshaw Driver Has A Gaming Chair Installed Inside The Vehicle

Autorickshaw drivers, nowadays, are not simpletons like they used to be a decade back. They too have sniffed the air of modernization and technology and have updated themselves to stick with the times. From promoting their Instagram accounts to upskilling themselves via online classes while stuck in traffic, autorickshaw drivers have become enterprising in the most surprising ways! Here’s an example.

A guy named Anuj Bansal took to social media to share a picture of an autorickshaw driver who, instead of a regular autorickshaw seat, installed a gamer’s chair inside the vehicle.

Have a look:

“Why should techbros have all the fun,” Anuj wrote in his post. Have a look:

Gamers usually choose chairs that provide comfort and support for long gaming sessions. They are built with ergonomic principles to support proper posture, are highly adjustable, have comfortable padding and look stylish as well! They mostly look like the kind the autorickshaw driver has installed inside his vehicle.

People online were mighty impressed by the picture and guessed that perhaps the driver used to be an ardent gamer in the past! Here’s how some of them reacted:

The only thing he needs is a gaming console and then he’s all set! 😛

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