Pune Autorickshaw Driver Takes His Doggo Along To Work Everyday So He Isn’t Home Alone

Taking care of a dog is no piece of cake, especially when the furry animal is young. Dogs require their hooman’s constant attention and when left alone, they can become really anxious!

Hence, one autorickshaw driver in Pune decided to take his dog to work every day so that he doesn’t have to stay alone at home! The duo was spotted by two passengers, one of whom took to Facebook to share their touching story.

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“My sister and I took an autorickshaw and when we reached our destination, I descended from the auto and turned to pay the driver. It was then that I found myself staring straight into two beautiful brown eyes, observing me curiously from beside the driver’s seat! It was a tiny pup, snug on a thick rug inside the curve of the auto and with a fancy leash.”

The dog, Ronnie, hadn’t made any noise, giving the passengers no clue that he was sitting under the driver’s seat! The autorickshaw driver, Harvinder Singh, explained that his son brought home the dog one day but there was no one who could take care of him while he was away for work. So, Harvinder decided to take him along to his rides, storing his food and water inside the auto!

“In a world, where people wouldn’t be bothered about keeping children alone at home, I found Harvinder to be uniquely sensitive and caring. There are always some good souls in the world who are real Santas in different ways for different beings, doing their acts of kindness consistently, quietly and away from the spotlight. And as long as such people existed, there was still hope in the world.”   

Have a look at the full Facebook post here:

Today I met a Santa in real life..My sister Leena and I took an auto rickshaw and when we reached our destination, I…

Posted by Manjiri Prabhu on Friday, December 25, 2020

People online were touched by Harvinder and little Ronnie’s story. Many called the driver a “real-life Santa” for being there for his dog!

All dogs deserve a bit of company and love from their hoomans. Harvinder and Ronnie’s story goes on to show that there is a solution for everything when the heart is set in the right place!

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