People Think The Auto Rickshaw Emoji Is The Best Way To Say ‘No’ To Someone

Yesterday, two emojis went massively viral because of their universal appeal. One was the ‘pinching hand‘ emoji, that the internet decided to use on people with a small dick. The other was the menstruation emoji, which was lauded for de-stigmatising the natural process. But the latest one is primarily being recognised by desi Twitter.

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Yes, that’s right. After cars, buses, trucks, cycles, scooters, bikes, trains, planes, rockets, helicopters and ships, the latest vehicle that has its very own emoji is the famous auto rickshaw.

According to Emojipedia, the official description of the auto rickshaw emoji is as follows:

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“An auto rickshaw (often referred to as a tuk tuk) is a motorized version of a cycle rickshaw, used for transport in many regions of the world. Generally has three wheels and various levels of shelter from the outside elements (some open air, some are enclosed).”

There are of course many iterations of the auto rickshaw that are used in Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Pakistan etc. But the one in the emoji is the version that’s used in India. And it reminded hamaare pyaare deshvaasis about their complicated relationship with the auto rickshaw.

Anyone who has every tried to hail an auto rickshaw has been denied a ride for reasons unknown. So, netizens decided to use this emoji to say “no”. And some others thought that it was completely useless, because the emoji just won’t go when you send it.

So, as soon the emoji arrives on your smartphone, feel free to use it for saying that you’re in an auto rickshaw. Or you can use it creatively to say ‘no’ to someone. And if it doesn’t go, even after you’ve hit ‘send’, then don’t come complaining to us.