Sports Journo’s Conversation With An Auto Driver Has Twitter Appreciating The Power Of Sports!

Do you believe in fate? Destiny? Luck? Serendipity? If yes, then you’re going to love this story. If not, then fellas, this could probably be the thing that converts you. Because this thread, shared by a sports journalist about his 30-minute rickshaw ride is exactly the kind of heartwarming story that could turn anyone into a believer!

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Twitter user @vinayakkm, is a sports journalist who embarked on what he didn’t know was going to be the most surprising ride for him. Even more it was going to be a life-changing moment for the auto-driver.

During his auto ride, Vinayak was on call with a friend, discussing about India’s string of gold wins at the ongoing Commonwealth Games, and the conversation steered to Table Tennis.

It’s always said that eavesdropping is the worst, right? But in this case, the auto driver eavesdropping on Vinayak’s conversation was the best thing ever!

To Vinayak’s surprise, once his call was done, his the driver asked him about the current status of TT players in the CWG and how they were faring.

ICYMI, Manika and Mouma have clinched a silver in the women’s double, while Manika Batra has won the first ever women’s singles table tennis gold for India at the Commonwealth Games! Yay India!

The amazement didn’t end there. Vinayak soon found out the wonderful reason behind the auto driver’s interest in the game. His son and daughter were both table tennis players!

What’re more, the children were really good national level players and Sharath and Sathiyan themselves had seen these kids play!

The proud father then went on to tell Vinayak how his every effort is towards enabling his children’s sports education.

Learning a sport in India is not easy on the pockets. It could be a real strain on this father’s income.

How many budding athletes have to give up playing their sport because of financial troubles? The auto driver was trying his best to not let that happen to his children’s table tennis dreams!

The auto driver’s heartwarming story touched Vinayak’s heart. It was indeed saddening to hear that despite everything he was doing, there was still so much the father wanted to do for his children, if only his financial condition permitted.

Especially, the fact that he was doing so much to support his kids in a country where sports often takes a backseat to academics.

The auto ride soon came to en end, and Vinayak was convinced that he wanted to, in some little way, help the driver’s cause.

He ended his thread, not with an appeal for help or retweets but with the hope that this encounter between them was just meant to be.

Twitter took to this heartwarming story like bees to a flower and, soon enough, the word was spreading!

i mean, how could this not put a smile on your face, particularly if you’re a sports fan!

1. The biggest thing for an athlete is to be discovered by the right people at the right time.

2. Sports doesn’t just enrich the lives of the ones playing it, but also everyone around them!

3. #Sports <3

4. A salute to every father!

5. Behind every successful athlete….

And then, the thread caught the attention of Harsha Bhogle. So naturally, it exploded!

Bhogle’s sharing of the thread seemed to give it the virality that it needed! Help began pouring in from unexpected quarters! And pretty soon, Vinayak reported back to his followers with an update!

Amazing isn’t it? Call it the power of social media, or the love for sports that our country harbours but mostly reserves only for cricket, but if everything works out, the auto driver will be able to sustain his children’s table tennis dreams!

Who knows, a few more CWGs down the years, they could be winning gold for our country!

And all because a sports journalist happened to sit in their father’s auto! Serendipity, much?