Neil Gaiman To Margaret Atwood, Authors Comfort Writer As Only 2 People Showed Up To Her Event

Firsts are always special. But firsts can be terrifying. Your first entrance exam, job interview, date, presentation, event, published work – all of these are memorable moments in the future but while it happens, the stress can be nerve-wracking.

Similarly, a writer named Chelsea Banning, who recently published her debut novel, took to Twitter to reveal that only 2 people showed up to her signing event and that she was embarrassed. She also revealed that initially, 37 people had claimed that they would turn up for the event.

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“Only 2 people came to my author signing yesterday, so I was pretty bummed about it. Especially as 37 people responded “going” to the event. Kind of upset, honestly, and a little embarrassed,” she shared.

Have a look at her tweet here:

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So that she doesn’t lose hope, something magical happened. Bestselling authors who are known worldwide such as Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, and many others shared their ‘firsts’ which are kind of a massive revelation! Everyone had one thing in common – they all started from the bottom. Some had only one customer who bought their book, while some claimed people had no idea who they were!

Have a look:

It’s very disheartening when things don’t happen the way you hoped for them to happen. During those moments, it’s always helpful to look at how far you’ve come. 🙂

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