Australian Women Are Sharing Pics Of Their Bare Arms After Journo Got Shamed For Her Dress

In India, patriarchy frequently keeps showing its ugly head by targeting anything that a woman is wearing. Just this year, a Kolkataย girl was harassed for wearing jeans and a top. Andhra Pradesh went a step further and put a ban on nighties.

And just in case these misogynistic Indians were feeling lonely on the top, they’ve no reason to worry. That’s because Australian misogynists are on their way to join them.

Australian journalist Patricia Karvelas recently put out a photo of herself in her professional outfit. And attached with it was a message that was truly disconcerting to read in 2018.

“I have just been kicked out of #QT because you can allegedly see too much skin. His insane #Auspol”

For those of you who don’t know what Question Time (QT) is, here’s a little primer. Question Time is a practice followed by mostly Commonwealth countries, where the members of the parliament question the government ministers (including the PM). And Karvelas was attending one of those sessions for ABC News.

The incident soon garnered attention and Australian women from various works of life started posting pics of their arms, to stand in solidarity with Patricia.

Others pointed out that this so-called ‘rule’ hasn’t been applied on ministers who had attended the parliament, thereby begging the question that why was it being used to stop a journalist from doing her job?

Considering how the the government was facing heat, they came up with a formal apology for their actions against Patricia Karvelas.

And this was Patricia’s response to it:

A person is always defined by their actions and not by how they look or what they’re wearing. And in the 21st century, if any man wants to contest a woman, it should be on the basis of merits, and not through the use of ancient patriarchal laws. Australian women have shown the authorities that there’s no room for misogyny. Let’s hope the rest of the world takes the cue and does the same.