Employee Files A ₹11 Crore Court Case Against His Boss For Bullying By Farting

Bullies exist in all forms and we’ve faced them in every phase of our life. In school, you might’ve been forced to romantically approach a senior girl by them or had your lunch snatched from you. When you entered a corporate life, you might’ve been subjected to various kinds of hierarchical politics. However, have you ever been bullied by being farted on? If not, congrats, because you’re in for a treat.

According to the Business Insider, David Hingst, a former employee at Construction Engineering Australia had accused his supervisor, Greg Short of repeatedly abusing him by farting on him.

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David Hingst claimed that his boss, Greg Short would “lift his bum and fart” on or at him on a daily basis. This resulted in severe depression, anxiety and (wait for it) physical injuries. Yes, physical injuries by being farted upon.

Considering how Hingst was convinced that his mental and physical “wounds” were real, he claimed ₹11 Crore in damages. However, after Short denied these preposterous claims, Justice Rita Zammit dismissed the case for good.

Although the boss, Greg Short admitted that he did remember farting, he said that Hingst might’ve found this authentic Australian joke offensive due to the cultural difference.

“I knew that [Hingst] took quite offence to it and I – to be honest at the time I didn’t understand, but then obviously realising it was [Hingst] being [of] German descent, whereas us Australians are sort of brought up you sort of accept it or think oh it’s just – that’s what happens.”

Short also pointed out that he never shoved his backside directly onto Hingst and was once labelled “Mr. Stinky” by him, whilst being sprayed upon with deodorant.

After a lot of contemplation, Justice Zammit rejected Hingst’s claims of “malicious” flatulence and said that it was a joke and not a form of bullying. She wrote in her judgement that,

“I do not accept the plaintiff’s evidence about the frequency of Mr Short’s flatulence in the office or that it was targeted at the plaintiff”

If you aren’t yet rolling on the floor laughing yet, you will after knowing that this entire ordeal lasted a total of 18 days and involved 15 witnesses. I think I have seen everything that is there to see in this whole wide world now.

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