Workers Can Stop Work & Rush Home If It Starts Raining, Says Australia’s LIT New Law!

If you happen to be a worker in Australia, rains are not going to annoy you anymore. This is because of a new rule set by the country which will allow workers to enjoy rain like people sitting at home or doing desk jobs.

According to Daily Mail, Aussie workers are now entitled to stop their work and go back home if it starts to rain or if temperatures plunge to 1 degree Celcius. Hurray!

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The country is currently facing icy cold weather conditions along with torrential rainfall. If reports are to believed, the situation will continue for some time with more wet and frigid conditions predicted.

Needless to say, the extreme weather conditions have become a matter of life and death for the workers. And hence, Australia’s national workplace relations tribunal has given them the option to put down their tools and rush back home when the weather deteriorates.

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The workers can also claim up to 32 hours pay in a four-week period due to work being canceled for wet weather, under the 2010 Building and Construction award.

Safe Australia states that employers must postpone outside work and should provide shelter during the rains. However, bosses can shift an employee’s place of work to an area which is safe from rain rather than sending them home, if they wish to.

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Workers pouring concrete can ask for double pay when finishing a job in the rain, according to the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union.

Unfortunately, self-employed individuals or tradesman, will not have the option of going home. But overall, the decision needs to be appreciated as each and every life is a valuable one. We hope India emulates Australia and introduces laws for worker safety.

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