American Professor Teaches Hindi To Foreign Students & Recites Fine Indian Poems


Meet Ian Woolford, a UK-born American and a professor of Hindi in La Trobe University in Australia, who teaches the Indian language to foreign students and flawlessly recites poems by the finest Hindi poets on social media!

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He recently took to Twitter to post a video wherein he recites a poem by Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena and it caught everyone’s attention. Have a look:

Here’s another video of him reciting a different poem by the same poet.

People online can’t get over the solid grip that Ian has over the language. Many lauded him for his love for Hindi and Hindi poets.

In an earlier interview with Indian Link, a news portal for Indians living in Australia, Ian reveals how fell in love with the Hindi language.

“I was originally at university in America studying music. I was a singer and I thought maybe I would even be a performer. When I travelled to Bihar for a research project on Bihari folk songs, I realised I could combine these two things in my life that I love, and I think that’s when I decided that I want to follow this language path.”

He is also a great admirer of the works of Munshi Premchand and Krishna Sobti.

“Premchand’s stories were the first ones that I read in Hindi. I am fascinated and stunned by Krishna Sobti’s work because it spans so many decades.”

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Isn’t it always a delight to watch foreigners speak in Indian languages? It is even more so when they study it, practice it, and teach it to others!

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