‘Doori’ To ‘Jeena Jeena’, People Hilariously Translate Atif Aslam Songs Into English

Translations almost always fail to grab the true essence of what is said. And most times, instead of being accurate they end up being hilarious. For example, choose your favourite Hindi song, and try to translate it into English…you’ll know what I mean!

And people online have been having a gala time trying to translate some of the most popular Atif Aslam songs into English. It started when one person called Aadat ‘Habit’. What followed was people trying to translate his songs leaving others to guess what the name of the song is.

Have a look:

Hum Kis Gali Jaa Rahe Hai translated to:

And then came Doori Sahi Jaye Na.

This one was easy – Pehli Dafa.

This one is a tricky one. This translates to ‘Har duyan mein shamil tera pyaar hai’ – a line from Pehli Nazar.

Kyun Chhod Gaye Raaste.

Kuch Iss Tarha becomes…

Another tricky one. This one is a line from Jeena JeenaO aasman mila zameen ko meri aadhe aadhe poore hai hum.

Piya O Re Piya!

Shor Na Karo Yaaron Ankh Hai Lagi.

This one is hilarious! This one’s from ‘Main Rang Sharbaton Ka’.

This could be such a cool house-party game!

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