Atheists Who Married Religious People Share How Their Lives Have Been

Religion is such a personal thing for people that it shapes much of how they are as a person. Hence, when it comes to relationships, being religious or not can be a dealbreaker if a common ground isn’t found. There are also people who are atheists and agnostics and having a partner who is extremely religious can create a space for conflict.

Hence, a guy from Bangalore took to Reddit under the subreddit r/bangalore to ask atheists who married religious people how life has been for them.

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“My parents have started searching bride for me and it seems like everyone takes great pride in how their child is super religious when I’m a closeted atheist. It’s kinda awkward,” he wrote.

Atheist/agnostic people who have married a religious spouse, how has it been? from bangalore

Surprisingly, a lot of people shared their personal stories. There have been cases where people tried to impose their beliefs, whatever they may be, on their partners and it created a rift between them. But there were also many cases where the couple found an equilibrium – you do your thing and I’ll do mine.

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Have a look:

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Everybody should have the freedom to exercise their own beliefs, as long as they are not forcefully imposed on another person.

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