2 Astronomy Lovers Are Bringing The Marvels Of The Universe To School Kids In The Rann Of Kutch

The night-time sky in all its glory is a breathtaking sight to behold. But if you ever find yourself atop a hill or in an open expanse, and you gaze into the depths of the night sky, you’ll start believing that it is, in fact, a portal to an unexplored realm. It’ll dwarf you and simultaneously challenge you to solve its many mysteries. It’s a treasure hunt surely, and the constellations are your map. The Moon marks a spot, and the planets are an intriguing detour. And once you begin, you can’t stop….

For astronomy lovers Narendra Gor and Tanmay Vyas, exploring these celestial wonders is a passion for which even the sky was not the limit, literally!

A book about astronomy birthed Tanmay’s love for the subject, which only grew with time. When Rakesh Sharma became the first Indian to venture into space, the feat gave Tanmay a lifelong hero, and his aspirations, new wings.

For Narendra, astrology was the stepping stone to discover his love for astronomy. The curiosity to know more about the planets and stars that were believed to shape our future drove him to pursue it further.

Having had this passion for astronomy enrich their own lives, they were eager to share the secrets of the universe with others and make them fall in love with the night sky too.

And so, Narendra and Tanmay embarked on a journey to bring the moon and the stars a little more within the reach of others. And the place they chose was the land of white sands below and the infinite expanse of sky above—the Rann of Kutch.

Narendra aspires to share the wonders of astronomy and the importance of learning about it with the world. And what better way to do that than getting young minds on board? Which is exactly what Tanmay aspires to do, by introducing children to the marvels of the universe that he so lovingly studies.

They chose a girls’ school in Kutch, Gujarat, for this noble endeavour in the hope to inspire these young women to be India’s next Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams. And to do so, Narendra and Tanmay had planned two days full of interesting activities for them!

Their biggest challenge was to introduce astronomy to these girls as something quite interesting and worth learning. The best way to do this was through zodiac signs!

And so it began, a path that leads these two teachers and their eager-to-learn students to bring the 12 signs of zodiac down to earth, on the white sands of the Rann!

These girls’ minds were blank slates that had hopefully begun to fill up with thoughts about the sun, moon, the stars and the infinite universe. And can you imagine what a masterpiece this would be?

Not just the science, but the girls even learnt the practical applications of astronomy and the fact that this science would play a major role in the future of technology.

What’s more, towards the end of all this starry fun-and-learning in the desert, the girls received an amazing surprise from Narendra and Tanmay!

This gift was sure to start their love affair with astronomy to further explore the marvels of this infinite universe!

You can watch Narendra and Tanmay’s starry sojourn here:

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Till then, as Buzz Lightyear would say, “To infinity and beyond!”