Bengaluru Guy Injured After Society Uncle Allegedly Beats Him Up For Entering From Wrong Gate

Living in a housing society means dealing with all kinds of people. There are some who might be triggered by your pet dog roaming freely in the compound, there will be others who are even triggered by the amount of garbage your house produces and then there are those who think it’s their sole responsibility to make everyone abide by the laws.

But, no matter what your intentions are and how dearly you think of the welfare of society, you cannot physically hurt someone.

Recently, a disturbing incident from a housing society (Lakedew Residency) in Haralur, Bengaluru came to light.

Twitter user Sanchit Kumar posted a video wherein he, along with his sister, was seen indulging in a heated argument with an elderly man. Seconds into the video and we see Sanchit blocking the blood flowing from his head and face.

Explaining what actually happened on the ground, Sanchit tweeted that he was allegedly assaulted by a man.

“This is me in the video getting assaulted by an unknown man in Bangalore while my sister is still screaming in shock, unable to understand what just happened in matter of seconds. All of this took place inside my society.”

In the ten-part Twitter thread, he went on to give details that lead to the traumatic incident that left him bleeding.

“I am sharing this traumatic incident encountered by me and my sister on the night of 16th May 23. It was around 9:00 PM. My sister and I were returning back home on scooty (We live in a society named Lakedew Residency, Haralur Bangalore).”

The man in the video (in the blue t-shirt) was furious because the brother and sister entered society from a different gate. So, he asked them to get out and come from the gate they are supposed to enter.

“He forced us to go back and enter again from the left side. We explained the road situation to this guy and requested him to talk politely but he didn’t listen and continued harassing us publicly.”

Seeing no point in arguing with the man, the brother-sister duo decided to do what he wanted.

“I decided not to argue with him and asked my sister to get down and started taking U turn. The moment I started taking a U-turn, this guy grabbed the handle of my scooty and pushed it aggressively. Both me and my scooty fell down.”

After being on the ground, Sanchit was shaken. He then stood up and went to talk to the guy for misbehaving with him. But, the person started punching him on his face, forehead, and eyes with no one, including the society guards, coming to stop him.

“I stood up in shock and went to talk to the person but he just started punching me on my face, forehead and eyes non-stop. No one came to stop this guy including the society guards. All of a sudden blood came gushing out of my head and nose. I was bleeding heavily.”

It was only when Sanchit started bleeding profusely that the onlookers brought towels and ice packs to stop the bleeding. When the doctors diagnosed him, they found a deep rupture above his eyebrows and recommended surgery.

It was only after the incident that Sanchit came to know that the angry man in the video is Subhash Almel who lives in the same society. Almel claims that his aggression is the reason behind the growth of the society.

The traumatic incident jolted them so much that they couldn’t sleep or focus on work for days. Claiming that they don’t feel safe in the society and Bangalore, the brother and sister have knocked on the doors of the Bengaluru police to look into the matter.

While Sanchit shared his side of the story on Twitter, nothing has been heard yet from the other person, Subhash Almel, who was a part of the assault.

People on Twitter condemned the physical violence and urged the Bengaluru police to proactively investigate the matter.

We criticize the physical assault that left someone bleeding. However, we sincerely hope that the cops look into the matter without bias and hold the culprit accountable for his actions.

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