Assam Police’s Hilarious Tweet About A Huge Marijuana Bust Has Twitter ROFL!

Police departments around the world use their social media handles to engage with the community. They share important circulars, offer safety guidelines/warnings and sometimes also indulge in humour. Norwegian cops, for example, arrested the Night King for property damage and animal abuse. And Nagpur police used Wing Commander’s “I am not supposed to tell you this” to deliver an important cybersecurity message.

On June 4, officials from Dhubri police station seized a truck carrying 590 kgs of marijuana and shared their successful bust on Twitter with the sassiest tweet. Have a look.

To say that the post has gone viral is a gross understatement. It currently has 30,000 likes and over 9,700 retweets. Apart from the talented police work, everyone praised the cops for their sense of humour. Pretty soon, people began reposting the image of the seized drugs so that it reached the owner.

Here is how everyone reacted to the hilarious tweet.

Kudos to Dhubri police for taking such a huge consignment of marijuana off the streets. We hope that they apprehend the people behind the operation soon.