Assam Man Complains About Losing His Death Certificate, Newspaper Ad Goes Viral

Our daily newspapers have hidden gems in them if we look closely. You will often find them under the matrimonial ads section or sometimes even in the memorial section. However, this time, a gem was found under the ‘lost’ section

IPS officer Rupin Sharma took to Twitter to share a ‘lost’ complaint that was printed in a newspaper. A man from Assam complained that he had lost his death certificate at Lumbding Bazar on September 7, 2022. at about 10 AM in the morning. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

If the man is alive and kicking enough to publish a newspaper ad, how does he have a death certificate? IPS Sharma wrote that “it only happens in India.” I agree.

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While some people were left scratching their heads, others shared a good laugh. Here’s how some of them reacted:

Lack entertainment in life? Head on to your local newspaper store and grab yourself a copy. You never know what you’ll find inside it!

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