Assam Kid In ICU After Seniors Rag Him. School Tries To Cover Up, Saying It’s A ‘GAME’

Bullying in schools is arguably the most dreadful experience for any kid, of any age. And I say this out of personal experience. Not only does it hampers self-image but it takes a toll on the victim’s psyche, leaving him/her devoid of self-awareness and confidence.

And as dismaying as it sounds, the toll of ragging and mental/physical harassment in school is growing by leap and bounds. Just go through the day’s newspapers and you’ll find kids in the headlines, in a way, you never wanted to!

In another unfortunate incident, a 13-year-old kid, Namish Ganeriwal of Assam Valley School is in the ICU after he was allegedly assaulted by two senior students.

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According to his aunt, Munmun Ganeriwal, Namish who is a Class VII student was assaulted by Abhigyan Narayan & Kumanam Gyamar of the same school to such an extent that he has undergone a Jaw Surgery at Nemcare Hospital.

The surgeon has further said that he will be unable to speak or chew food for the next one month and the entire treatment of his jaw may take more than a year and a half. But that isn’t even the worse part!


Munmun claims, that two senior students ragged Namish and then used him as a dummy to show off their WWF stunts. She even took to FB to call out the callousness of the school authorities in downplaying the entire matter. 

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“My thirteen-year-old nephew Namish Ganeriwal, studying in Class VII of Assam Valley School was brutally assaulted by two senior students, Abhigyan Narayan & Kumanam Gyamar (Son of Gyamar Tachung, Deputy Director, Govt Arunachal Pradesh) on 6th July 2017 to such an extent that he has undergone a Jaw Surgery at Nemcare Hospital, Bhangagarh today afternoon and two Titanium Plates has been inserted in his jaw. All his dentures are shaky at present and the surgeon has already removed a couple of teeth. The surgeon has further said that he will be unable to speak or chew food for the next one month and the entire treatment of his jaw (along with dentures) may take more than a year and a half. He is currently in the ICU.

The Assam Valley School informed us on 6th July that my nephew had slipped and sustained a very small injury. The fact that it was not an accident but physical assault by his two seniors was kept hidden by us. Not only this, The DHM (Deputy Head Master) of the school in defending the culprits stated that it is a small injury sustained by my nephew.

The truth is that the two senior students had called my nephew to his room with the intention of ragging him and were using him as a dummy to show off their WWF stunts. The truth was only revealed to us on 7th July evening over phone call very discreetly by a school teacher who carries a personal admiration for my nephew.

On 8th July morning, his parents went to pick him up from school. Till then we had no information from the school (officially) about the incident. On further probing about the incident by his parents, it was revealed that the same senior student has been suspended by the school several times in the past and has also been sent for psychiatric counselling. He has not been rusticated till date from the school for reasons best known to the Authorities.

The DHM (Deputy Head Master) assured of an action against the culprits by Monday, 10th July but on inquiring we were told that it would not be done before Thursday and may be later. The reason for the delay is also best known by the Authorities.
When my nephew disclosed the name of the Second culprit and we immediately informed the school with the same, the Authorities stated “What do you want? For your child we will rusticate the whole School”…….. we were shocked by such a statement delivered by a representative of a school of such high repute. Why such reactions are given by them which forces us to believe that they are supporting the Ragging Community and not us. Again the reason for this is best known by the Authorities.

The school has forgotten their primary responsibility of fighting against ragging and supporting the victim by giving him justice. Why the School is acting ignorant against such ragging activities happening inside their premises. Again the reason for this is best known only by the School Authorities.

I urge everyone to stand against this violence, support my nephew and condemn the school for encouraging the culprits and showing no concern towards an innocent victim. Friends, don’t just share this post but demand justice from the concerned authorities. If this can happen to him, it may happen with any child.


In fact, Munmun also exposed the school’s response which has apparently been posted by Sonya Mehta (HOS) of Assam Valley School to the Whatsapp groups of AVS parents. 

Friends, this text message has apparently been posted by Sonya Mehta (HOS) of Assam Valley School to the WhatsApp groups of AVS parents. This is how it reads-

This is to inform you that a child got injured in the school while playing with another boy on 6 July 2017. It was a game that went completely out of hand. Strict disciplinary action as per school rules has been taken against the child who hurt his friend. It is not a case of bullying as both boys are old students of the school. The hurt child is in class 7 and the other boy is in class 8. I am in touch with the injured boy’s parents and extend all support to them.

I assure you that this was an unprecedented incident and your child is happy and comfortable in the school. I thank you for your patience and support.

Sonya Mehta

Few points below-
1. My nephew and the culprits ARE NOT FRIENDS
2. Which type of Game is Madam referring to? Indoor, outdoor or inside a Dorm Room? Then comes the Name of Sport which is missing, Out of Hand ?? Out of hand Sport is usually associated with Sports like Wrestling, Kick Boxing etc? If the incident has really happened during a friendly game then why does the school have to take disciplinary action ?? Injuries are common in sports where it is unintentional and the matter is over. When a school takes disciplinary action either the sport is illegal or the intention is best known to the accused. There are clear contradictions in a statement which she has posted.
3. Which school allows WWF as a game, or is it a game at all??
4. There has been no update to us about any action been taken by the school as mentioned in the above message.

My inbox is flooding with messages from parents/ relatives all across who are mentioning about their ward being victimised in the school premises and the school doing nothing about it. Case in point is Mohit Harlalka, son of Santosh Harlalka, a resident of Guwahati, who almost lost his eye in a similar incident (he took almost a year to recover from the physical & mental abuse) and the school downplaying the whole incident. It is high time that ASSAM VALLEY SCHOOL TAKES A BOLD STAND INSTEAD OF BRUSHING THINGS UNDER THE CARPET AND POSTING MISLEADING SMS/ WHATSAPP AT PUBLIC FORUMS.


Watch the video of an ailing Namish in the ICU here. 

The whole incident reeks of inaction by Assam Valley School and by trying to cover up the incident by misleading the parents, they have only dug their own graves deeper. Assam state Education Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, are you listening?