Assam CM Burns Illegal Drugs Worth ₹163 Cr, Desis Say, “Next Time Inform Us Beforehand”

Over the weekend, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma participated in 4 different events in central Assam’s Diphu, Golaghat, Barhampur, and Hajoi where seized drugs worth Rs.163 crores were burnt in a pyre lit by him. This was reportedly done in an attempt to send a message of zero-tolerance against illegal contraband.

As per a report in News18, he stated, “Trade in illicit drugs is an epidemic and those involved in it should be dealt with stringently. It affects youths, destroys their families, and gives rise to various other social ills.”

At Golaghat, 1.02 kg of heroin, 1,200 kg of ganja, and 3 kg of opium were burnt and in Diphu, 11.88 kg of morphine, 2.89 kg of crystal meth, 3.47 kg of heroin, and 102.91 kg of cannabis were destroyed. People on Twitter couldn’t resist and reacted to the news with memes:

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This scene also reminded people of a previous incident where a US reporter struggled to finish his broadcast as he got high after standing too close to burning drugs.

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